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We write articles on various topics, both for this website and external partners. You can read and search through these here.

9th Jul 2015
Infographic depicting the main sources and sinks of carbon from farm businesses
7th May 2015
Talking about the importance of feeding soil microbes is fine.  Speaking with your feet is even better.
5th May 2015
Part one of a two part series looking at the growing movement in America of farmers who are looking at improving soil health to improve farm resilience and profit.
28th Apr 2015
This report written by Teagasc assesses how Irish Agriculture can approach carbon neutrality by 2050.
20th Mar 2015
An article written by FCCT's Jonathan Smith, recently published in Farming Matters magazine. March 2015.
5th Mar 2015
Read more here about our exciting new project work being funded over the next two years by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation.
10th Feb 2015
Read about what happened at our recent conference here
7th Jan 2015
Come along to our field lab run in conjunction with the Warwickshire Rural Hub and find out how you can practically reduce GHG emissions on-farm. When: 20th January 2015
8th Dec 2014
Come and join FCCT and a host of speakers to find out how to farm profitably and sustainably in a changing climate.
20th Aug 2014
Come along to the event in November to find out more about greenhouse gas emissions and how to reduce them.