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We write articles on various topics, both for this website and external partners. You can read and search through these here.

16th May 2016
The FAO has developed a new infographic which provides an overview of the role of peatlands for climate change adaptation and mitigation. 
9th May 2016
An article written by Brian Barth from Modern Farmer magazine, that talks about the benefits of low carbon farming and soil carbon sequestration. 
29th Feb 2016
Welcome to the demo farm project page.
29th Feb 2016
Read the write up and see the photos of our recent farm walk in Northamptonshire Practising sustainable and regenerative agriculture
29th Feb 2016
Read all about what we have been up to in 2015 and what we are planning for the rest of 2016!
25th Jan 2016
Find out more about our upcoming farm walk at Stephen Goodwin's farm. Practising sustainable and regenerative agriculture Thursday 25th February 2016, 11-3pm
14th Dec 2015
Some great resources from the recent Organic Research Centre Agroforestry event at Tollhurst Organic
18th Nov 2015
All the presentations, photos, handouts and interviews from our recent event in Warwickshire.
19th Oct 2015
More information about our upcoming Soil Organic Matter event in Warwickshire on the 3rd November
10th Jul 2015
All the resources and information from the National Organic Combinable Crops conference in 2015