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2nd Oct 2017
26th Sep 2017
The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) and the British Beet Research Organisa
14th Sep 2017
This report is a summary of a longer report from a conference that took place in May this year, loo
21st Aug 2017
The Institute for European Environmental Policy released back in April 2017 a paper which looks at the potential contribution of agriculture to the emissions reductions targets that have been docum
18th Aug 2017
The SOLMACC project, which is a EU project working with organic farmers on countering climate change, has just released its latest newsletter which explains in more detail some of the activities th
9th Aug 2017
The Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit is looking for farmers to be involved in their new and exciting project, which aims to quantify which management practices work best to improve carbon storage in soi
7th Aug 2017
The write ups of the farm walks that were held with the top three Soil Farmers of 2017 are now live! 
7th Aug 2017
AFINET (AgroForestry Innovation NETworks) aims to support innovation in agroforestry through enhancing knowledge transfer between farmers, foresters, researchers, advisers and government services. 
3rd Jul 2017
This blog below comes from Richard McLellan, who is chief executive of the Northern Agricultural Catchments Counil in Australia and appeared in the