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New newsletter released from the SOLMACC project

18th Aug 2017

The SOLMACC project, which is a EU project working with organic farmers on countering climate change, has just released its latest newsletter which explains in more detail some of the activities that their demo farmers are using to reduce their emissions and improve efficiency. 

This recent newsletter focusses on some of the mitigation opprotunities that farmers are using to protect their soils and build soil health. They explain, 

The way how soils are managed and farmed affects the ecosystem services and the quantity of GHGs emitted. On the other hand, soils have the potential to store large quantities of soil organic carbon and could thus act as a sink for GHG emissions.

To reduce their emissions, all of the 12 farmers in Sweden, Italy, and Germany optimized their tillage management practices. They either reduced the frequency of tillage, the depth of tillage, or do not till at all. This practice can improve the microbial activity and soil structure in the upper soil layer. Additionally, higher soil carbon contents in the upper soil layer enhance other soil quality parameters, such as the water infiltration rate, aggregate stability, erosion risk, biological activity and nutrient cycling.

To find out more about what the farmers have been doing and the SOLMACC project, click here