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Carbon management tools that work for farmers

31st May 2017

Arable focussed workshop announced

With all the technological advances that are happening within agriculture, with the launch of ‘big data’ and the new Agrimetrics centre, you can’t open the farming press or delve into social media without being bombarded with new software, apps and other tools that have been designed to make things easier.

Things aren’t particularly different with measuring carbon and environmental performance on-farm, there are numerous options out there, some attached to supermarket contracts, some offering price premiums and some that aim to potentially help you identify some key areas on-farm that you might want to focus activity on.

What we're up to

Here at the Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit (FCCT) we have been grappling with this issue for the last few months, and taken a long hard look at our carbon calculator, its usability and appeal to farmers. The science is fairly easy to update, and the emission factor experts are busy working on that, but when it comes to usability we need your help.

The carbon calculator is the only one at the moment which takes into account the benefits that come from safeguarding soil health and improving organic matter levels in terms of carbon sequestration. That’s something we are passionate about and want to showcase, but we are also keen to develop something that answers the questions you have about carbon and farm management.

You are therefore invited to come along and tell us what you think! In order to make something that is genuinely useful to farmers, we need you to tell us what it needs to have in it, what format makes the most sense and how you would like it presented.

Calling all arable farmers!

We are holding an arable focussed workshop in Warwickshire on the 8th June to which you are invited. If you are interested in understanding the impact of your management on your carbon footprint, and are up for helping shape the next version so it has use to your business we want to hear from you!

Workshop details:

Date: Thursday 8th June

Time: 10.30 – 1pm

Venue: Arthur Rank Centre, National Agricultural Centre, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2LG.

The event is free, but to help with catering please book by contacting Becky Willson, on 07875 356611, or by email on [email protected].