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17.04.2015 Australian Climate champions

17th Apr 2015

Following on from yesterday's blog looking at the Farm 300 programme that is running in Australia, below are a couple of videos of farmers who are 'climate champions' and have already adapted their businesses to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and boost profit.

The Farm 300 project has three aspects:

  • allowing farmers, growers and advisors access to the latest research and development on GHG emissions
  • upskilling advisors with the technical knowledge to help farmers
  • from this pool of advisors 25 are working with 300 producers across the country through a process that will develop a plan specific to their business that will subsequently improve their productivity and also mitigate GHG emissions

Climate champion Farmers

The two videos below highlight how 2 farmers have adapted their business management to improve profitability and reduce emissions.

Improving farm resilience using native grasses

Cattle and sheep producer James Houston from the Upper Murray region has increased productivity on his property by rotational grazing which has increased native grasses, allowed calves to be weaned and sent to market earlier. These changes have not only allowed carrying capacity to be improved but have also reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Heifer management to improve efficiency

Peter Whip and his wife Raeleen, are developing a highly efficient enterprise at Royston, south of Longreach.  As well as managing seasonal variability they are proof that reducing emissions from cattle production does not have to come at the expense of profit.

Source: Meat and Livestock Australia