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FAB Farmers Herbal Leys learning network event

Event date: 
Wednesday, November 13, 2019 - 11:00 to 15:00

Location: Godminster Farm, Godminster Lane, Bruton, BA10

FABulous Farmers is a new European project designed to support farmers in the transition to more agro-ecological practices on their farms.

About this Event

Farmers are increasingly seeing the benefits of diverse herbal leys. Benefits to soil, livestock health, production and biodiversity. However, there is still a great deal to find out on how best to manage these leys to retain production and diversity. Innovative Farmers has a number of different Field Labs looking at different aspects of herbal leys and considering their benefits along with how best to manage them.

This FABulous Farmers Learning Network event aims to bring together learning from across the different Field Labs as well as other research projects that are ongoing looking at the benefits of herbal leys for pollinators and production.

The FABulous Farmers project aims to reduce reliance on external inputs, like chemical fertilisers and pesticides, by encouraging the use of methods and interventions that increase the farm’s Functional Agro-Biodiversity (FAB). These are targeted measures of biodiversity in and around the field to improve pollination, pest management, soil and water quality on the farmland.

One of the FAB practices being encouraged is the adoption of diverse herbal leys.


The day will start at Godminster Farms, Bruton Somerset BA10 0NE

11am Herbal leys in practice

Discuss herbal leys in practice at Godminster Farms. Opportunity to see 2nd year ley which is part of Innovative Farmers Field lab and new ley established this spring.

Following the discussion and farm walk, the event will move to Carymoor Environmental Centre, Dimmer Lane Castle Cary Somerset BA7 7NR

12.30 Arrive Carymoor Environmental Centre, Dimmer Lane Castle Cary Somerset BA7 7NR


1:00 Introduction to FABulous Farmers and Innovative Farmers activity around herbal leys (Kate Still)

1:10 Herbal leys for production – initial results and findings from University Reading led Diverse Forages Project (David Humphries, Reading University)

1.30 Herbal leys for biodiversity – introduction and learning from Pasture for Pollinators project. Six Welsh dairy farmers looking into different farm management options for grass-based farms which benefit pollinator populations (Sinead Lynch, Bumblebee Conservation Trust and David Edge, leading farmer on the project)

2:00 Feedback and discussion session around existing Field labs looking at different aspects of herbal leys within livestock and arable systems.

3:00 Finish

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