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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

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Food & Farming Futures: Farming to Improve Health

Food & Farming Futures: Farming to Improve Health

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Monday, November 25, 2019 - 11:30 to Tuesday, November 26, 2019 - 13:00

Farmers and food companies are in the health business and need to work together to reduce the cost of high quality foods and to raise the cost of unhealthy foods. Otherwise we will continue to pay for the effects of poor diet rather than addressing the causes.

Food is one of the biggest challenges of our time. Obesity, hunger, coronary heart disease and diabetes are major issues faced today and delivering affordable, nutritious food to a growing population is not making this challenege any easier.

This conference seeks to find out how agricultural science, farmers and the food industry can work together to resolve the economic and societal conflicts in food production. The following speakers will discuss the future of healthy living and lifestyles by connecting soils, crops, food, people and the environment.  


Program Day 1, Monday 25th November 11:30 - 18:30

Dr Clive Black, Head of research, Shore Capital: What are the financial risks to agri-food supply chains as they respond to delivering sustainable food whilst addressing the challenges of human health.

Professor Susan Jebb, Professor of diet and Health, Oxford University; A medical perspective: What is food’s role in preventative medicine and human health: how do we address the disconnect between food and human health? What has changed in our diets that gives us these increased problems.

Professor Judy Buttriss, Director General of the British Nutrition Foundation; The nutrition perspective: What’s the perfect diet to satisfy our nutritional needs – and what might be the long-term consequences of reducing animal products to accommodate environmental concerns.

Professor Ray Goldberg, Head of Food Policy, Harvard University; A video address from the pioneer of ‘agribusiness’ and author of Food Citizenship: food system advocates in an era of distrust. Who will be the change-makers of the food system: consumers, corporates or citizens?

Professors Nigel Scollan and Geoff Simm, Two institute leaders go head-to-head; A review of human health and food security in the context of globalisation and climate change.

Panel Discussion & questions from the floor; Panel: Susan Jebb, Judy Buttriss, Calum Murray (KTN / Innovate UK), Tor Harris (Waitrose).


Program Day 2, Tuesday 26th November 9:00 - 13:00

Dr Stephen Whybrow, Aberdeen University; What protein sources will we be consuming in the future – and what impact will these dietary trends have on human health and the landscape.

Professor Geoff Simm, Edinburgh University; What is the future role of livestock systems in agri-food? How can meat and milk be part of a future, sustainable, healthy diet?

Minette Batters, NFU President; The challenges and opportunities of food producers in dietary trends and human health and disease.

Ian Wright CBE, CEO of the Food & Drink Federation; What innovations are coming from the food and drink industry to deliver more sustainable and healthier solutions.

Achim Dobermann, Rothamsted Research; What agricultural innovations are coming from the research community to drive improved human health.

Judith Batchelar, Sainsbury’s; What innovations are coming from the retailer to deliver sustainable food production and improve human health.

Panel Discussion & questions from the floor; Panel; Teresa Wickham and Caroline Drummond MBE

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LOCATION: The Slate, Warwick

25/11/2019 - 11:30 to 26/11/2019 - 13:00
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