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Carbon farming: Planned activities on-farm

Find out more about what we are planning to do on-farm

How Carbon Farming works

Farms can absorb vast amounts of carbon dioxide in their soil and biomass. This is the main principle of Carbon Farming, and is a genuine solution to our urgent need to cut atmospheric carbon dioxide levels that is causing climate change. This project will discover tried and tested Carbon Farming methods that farmers can implement with confidence.

Most farms are carbon negative, emitting more carbon than they absorb. By switching to Carbon Farming, farms can become carbon positive, absorbing more carbon than they emit. But for farmers to make these changes they need to understand the techniques, and be confident that these are practical, tried and tested, and profitable.

What do we want to do?

By carefully monitoring and advising 10 diverse trial farms across the UK, over two to three years, we can give other farmers the confidence they need to implement Carbon Farming techniques. We will be carefully monitoring the carbon footprint of the trial farms, as well as soil organic matter levels throughout the project. We'll ask them what practices work for them and what impact it's having on their businesses. These tried and tested methods, backed up by evidence, are what farmers need to make long term decisions.

We also want to improve the Farm Carbon Calculator, our free tool for farmers and growers to accurately work out their carbon emissions and sequestration. It's one of the best tools out there and we can make it even better. Better still, it's free for everyone and is designed by farmers so that it's easy to use. By making it even better we can get more farmers using it and taking action to reduce their carbon footprint.

The best thing about Carbon Farming is that it's a win-win solution. Not only does it absorb carbon dioxide, there are substantial benefits for soil health, soil quality, biodiversity, water quality, food quality and farm profitability.

So what are we waiting for?! When farmers understand the benefits, have confidence in the techniques and see it working for others, widespread adoption of Carbon Farming could be just around the corner.

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