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Livestock Diets


17.02.15 The potential of legume based grassland livestock systems in Europe

17th Feb 2015

So for the final blog of this month, I will be looking at
the potential of legumes to aid with livestock production from pasture based
systems. There is a well-known debate that
rears its head in the media from time to time about meat consumption and
methane emissions and how we should all be reducing our meat consumption to
reduce the effects of climate change and reduce emissions.

19.12.14 Dietary research from around the world

19th Dec 2014

So following on from the other blog this week on research that has been taking place in the UK looking at dietary strategies to reduce GHG emissions from livestock, it seems like a good idea so see what other clever scientists around the world are looking at. As nutrition and strategies for reducing emissions from livestock are so important, not surprisingly there has been a great focus into seeing whether there are any magic compounds or feeding strategies that can help address the emissions concerns.

New report on the effect of feeding regime on GHG emissions in dairy cattle

18th Dec 2014

Dairy farming is responsible for a significant release of GHGs from various aspects along the production process. Globally the dairy sector contributes 4% of total anthropogenic GHG emissions. Most of these emissions are from the biological processes that underpin the daily rhythms of the cow, such as feeding and dunging and are inherent in the production of milk.