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Livestock Diets


Which grazing system? Learning about Regenerative Grazing principles

3rd May 2017

This article was written by David McLean, the general manager for Resource Conservation Services, who are based in Australia.  I was lucky to meet Terry McCosker who runs this company while I was on my Nuffield travels to Aus, and you can read my blog on my meeting here. To read the article below in full and on the RCS website, please click here

New Study from Australia shows livestock production can be part of the solution to lowering carbon emissions

12th Apr 2017

Source: ABC Rural, 6th April 2017

Livestock production is often blamed as one of the highest carbon emitters but a new study shows livestock farmers can be carbon netural and maintain production and profitability.

The study by the University of Melbourne followed two different farming operations in their bid to become carbon neutral, Jigsaw Farms in western Victoria and a property near Yass, in New South Wales. 

More sustainable dairying practices: Precision agriculture for pasture nutrient management

8th Dec 2016
Precision agriculture refers to the adoption of practices that try to increase the scale of resolution at which the needs of crop units (e.g. fields or zones within fields) or livestock units (e.g. groups of similar aged animals or even individual animals) are measured and managed. 
Precision nutrient management requires farmers to