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Fertilisers and Fertility


Farming rules for water, new rules from April 2018

7th Dec 2017

Source: Defra

Defra are introducing new rules for water protection from the 2nd April 2018. The rules will require good farming practice so that farms manage their land both to avoid water pollution and to benefit their business. 

About the new rules

From April 2018 all farmers in England will need to follow a new set of farming rules for water. We’re making regulations which will give these rules legal force from then.

New grants available for beef and dairy farmers

8th Dec 2016

Source: Defra 

Defra have announced a new grant, The Farming Ammonia Reduction Grant, which allows funding for covers to existing slurry stores to improve as a fertiliser and reduce ammonia emissions from beef and dairy farms in England.


You can apply for this grant to help pay for covers to existing slurry stores on dairy and beef farms in England.

Slurry store covers provide the benefit of:


How to increase the uptake of environmentally friendly fertilisers in Germany

8th Dec 2016

Fertilisers have boosted crop yields but at the same time can have negative effects on the environment. This study investigates fertiliser 'eco-innovations' with reduced environmental impact, in Germany. By gathering the views of experts, producers, traders and farmers the researchers make recommendations for increasing uptake of environmentally friendly fertilisers, including increasing knowledge and awareness among traders and farmers.

Predicting nitrous oxide emissions from fertiliser applications, new research released

31st May 2016

This information comes from a paper entitled “Spatially explicit estimates of N2O emissions from croplands suggest climate mitigation opportunities from improved fertiliser management” which has just been published in Global Change Biology journal and was written by Gerber et al.  To access the paper please click here.