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About Farm Carbon Toolkit

20th Jan 2020


2020 marks a full 10 years since we started giving free, impartial advice to farmers and growers. We started because we wanted to encourage, inform and enable all farmers and growers to cut their carbon footprint. Our mission remains the same and we do not have any vested interests. Today, as always, we are run by farmers for farmers.

UN Climate Change Report: Land Clearing and Farming contribute a third of the world's greenhouse gases - the views from Australia

9th Aug 2019

This article has been written by Mark Howden, the director of the Climate Change Institute, at ANU in Canberra, Australia. I was priviledged to meet him when I was doing my Nuffield a couple of years ago and spoke to him about climate mitigation and opportunities as well as what was happening in Australia in this space. The article below was published in The Conversation on the 8th August 2019, and can be viewed in its original form here. 

New CCC reports call for reforms to prepare the countryside for climate change

19th Nov 2018

Source: The Committee on Climate Change, 15th November

The Paris Agreement demands tougher action to remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere. We must, at the same time, prepare for the inevitable climate change that is already happening. In this context, current uses of land in the UK must change.

Today, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) publishes two linked reports:

Climate Metrics for Ruminant livestock

11th Oct 2018

Source: Program Briefing from Oxford Martin School, July 2018


The conventional Global Warming Potential (GWP) can be misleading when applied to methane emissions, particularly when these are being reduced. A revised usage of GWP, denoted GWP*, which uses the same metric values interpreted in a new way, provides a more accurate indication of the impact of short-lived pollutants on global temperature.